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Teen Artist Makes Every Adult in the Entire World Look Bad

Terms like "wunderkind" and "prodigy" are perhaps thrown about too casually, but when you see an emerging artist like Esme O'Brien, few other words seem to suffice. O'Brien recently graduated from Booker T. Washington and will be leaving us for the University of Pennsylvania where she'll undertake a BFA, in conjunction with a Certificate Program through the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. According to the Contemporary Art Dealers of Dallas, O'Brien is academically proven, ranking 6th in her class at Booker T., with a near-4.0 GPA, and in addition to her exceptional proficiency in visual arts - from printmaking to sculpture - she was also involved as a cellist in the Greater Dallas Youth Symphony, and as a member of the Booker T. Washington Free Tibet Club.

In other words, we're feeling pretty unimpressive right about now.

Due to her outstanding work, both academic and artistic, O'Brien was chosen as the 2012 CADD scholarship award winner. And, though we desperately hate to see her leave Dallas, we look forward to seeing her name again as she continues developing her already formidable craft.

Per the CADD press release, O'Brien's most recent artistic statement says: broader concentration follows my growth from a mere observer of the earth to an active participant. More significantly, it parallels my transformation from innocence to maturity, basic elements to articulate instrument, childhood to college.

Deep stuff, kid. Give 'em hell.

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