Ten Simply Amazing Photos from the Miss Texas Polestar Competition

Yes, pole dancing evolved from strip clubs. I'll pause while your inner 14 year-old laughs awkwardly. Go ahead. I'll wait.


Last weekend national talents converged in Dallas at the Miss Texas Polestar competition. And no, these ladies (and gentleman) didn't accept any dolla, dolla, bills. What they did do was create gravity-defying routines on the pole using just their abs.

Seriously. Their abs are stronger than gravity, so who's laughing now?

We sent photographer Ed Steele to capture the most intriguing moments of the competition, and he came back with a slideshow's worth of jaw-dropping options. We went ahead and picked out our ten favorites for you.

See also: Watch Pro Pole Dancers at Miss Texas Polestar this Weekend. Leave Your Ones at Home. Editor's note: The Observer office will be closed today. After seeing these pictures, we've decided to guilt-visit a personal trainer.


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