If you attend for no other reason, go because this picture is great.
If you attend for no other reason, go because this picture is great.

Texas Theatre Says "Get Drunk and Make Art." Also, "Suck it, Wednesday."

As part of Texas Theatre's unofficial Awesome-up The Planet Initiative, anyone is now allowed to be an artist. Also, a drunk.

Even you!

Yes! The one shaving out your ear wax with a pencil eraser! A--aaa--nd you might want to hang on to that: there is no medium du jour at tonight's Bar Art Wednesday.

Supplies are provided by Make Shop & Studio, but you're encouraged to bring your own inspirational medium. Well, *kinda. What remains -- crafty items, digital art, collage -- will likely be overshadowed by the evening's end, when drunken performance art will certainly steal the limelight.

Pop on by. Things get in gear around 7ish, but artsy-cocktail-playtime will go all night. There will be a designated theme and prizes awarded to smug overachievers. * Texas Theatre asks that you avoid the following: tools required for metalworking (blow torches), things that stain (paints), gloppy crud (clay) and ice-carving necessities (chain saws).

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