That Old-Time Tradition

Not to get all sentimental on you, but considering these tough economic times, it's time to bring back some old-school classics to put your poor and pounding head at ease. Well, at least for a few hours with Casa Manana's production of the Tony award-winning musical classic Fiddler on the Roof. Based on Sholom Aleichem's stories, Tevye is your average, everyday Russian milkman of the early 20th century. Supporting his wife Golde and his daughters Tzeitel, Hodel, Chava, Shprintze and Bielke, Tevye must come to terms with his family's rebellions against Jewish tradition and arranged marriages when his eldest daughter, Tzeitel questions the village matchmaker, Yente. When Tzeitel marries her one true love instead of the wealthy butcher Yente has picked out for her, she ignites a family revolution, and her sisters soon decide they want to marry outsiders. A tale of family, passion, love and religion, no one should miss out on this historical classic. The production stars Tony award-winning actor Harvey Fierstein and takes place at Bass Performance Hall, 525 Commerce St. from Tuesday through March 14. Tickets are $30 to $75. For more information, call 817-212-4280 or visit
March 9-14, 2010
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Carli Baylor