That's Dr. Princess, Dear

No matter how many times you swore that you’d never bring all that princess/fairy bullshit into your house, your baby will someday look you in the eyes and sweetly request the company of Tinker Bell. You will then start to find that the little sociopathic pixie (Tink, not your kiddo) has a death grip on everything from vitamins to underpants. And she’s not alone, bringing with her an army of vapid princesses who bat their doe eyes and fully fly in the face of your feminist ideals. Though it pains you deeply, you know you’ll be among the rest of us flatlined moms piling into the Allen Event Center, at 200 East Stacy Road, with our princess enthusiasts for Disney on Ice’s Treasure Trove. Watch as everyone from Rapunzel to Snow White straps on skates and Lutzes their way into your little girl’s heart and imagination. Let her have that moment ... and then spend the car ride home gently explaining that Jasmine may appear to have it all, but what she really needs is a 401k. Tickets are $30 to $75 for shows on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday; see disney.go.com/disneyonice for showtimes and tickets.
Sun., Nov. 25, 2012

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