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The 10 Best Murals in Dallas (Photos)

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The Deep Ellum Urban Garden isn't your ordinary victory patch. It's a labor of love for those living and raising their children in the neighborhood, so it seems fitting that the artwork surrounding it reflects that. Historical in its design and uplifting in its delivery, this mural faces locally carved benches and supporting, smaller murals so neighbors have a place to sit and rest between all that weeding.

I love this new Davis Street mural by Sour Grapes. The crew even went so far as to paint the tree stump next to the thing and to incorporate the fuse box and other building add-ons. It's bright, bold and shows off those characters that the group's been playing around with. More of this, please, Dallas. And hey, Sour Grapes, do you guys ever do stuff with Austin's Briar Bonifacio? If not, let's make that happen.

This one's kept behind bars on South Haskell. It's also guarded by a dog that I'd rather not mess with.

Despite its less-than-visible location, it's fun, and it shifts in tone as you scan its panoramic layout from this fever-dream surreal swamp monster to something much more geometric.

This one on Singleton is a byproduct of the relationship between Dallas Contemporary and Dallas' newest art-loving restaurant incubator, Trinity Groves. It's one of two murals that the Brooklyn-based tag team Patrick McNeil and Patrick Miller, known collectively as Faile, did while they were in town. I like it. It's got a southern bandit quality to its core and a quality execution. You can see that show, too. It's up at the Dallas Contemporary through December 22 but the museum's on a break until this Thursday, October 3.

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