The 10 Most Amazing Damn Movie Deaths Ever

The End had a good weekend.

According to BoxOffice.com, Harry Potter's final, holy-shit-epic installment has already made astonishing 168 million dollars in the United States ($475.5 million worldwide). That's a new record. On its midnight screening, Harry Potter raked in over $43 million.

And there was some good movie dying. Potter fans who saw the movie this weekend know that the deaths are both tear-inducing (to put it so, so mildly), and incredible. For those who haven't seen it, we won't spoil the big show.

What we will do, however, is use this as an excuse to barrage you with the most hair-raising, bad-ass, fucking incredible deaths in movies that we know about. These are not just gory deaths. These are deaths in cinema that were shots-heard-round-the-world. Oh yes, we present (after the jump): The most bad ass huge movie deaths of all time.

10. Phantasm - The Flying Metal Sphere Thing This is the only reason to watch Phantasm. With no exposition whatsoever, a smooth metal sphere flies through the air of the supernaturally-tuned crematorium, lodges in the brain of Movie Villain and spits the man's blood on the floor in perfect fashion. It's a minute-long scene that spawned an entire series.

9.The Omen (1976) - The Best Decapitation Ever Ah, the multi-angle repeat viewing, the glass shattering above the howling soundtrack and that last shot of the surprised decapitated head in the reflection. It's a perfect movie death.

8.The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring - The Uruk-Hai Battle This scene precedes one of the most heart-wrenching character deaths in epic movie history: The death of Boromir. This scene, however, escalates in awesome movie death brilliance from the point when the Uruk-hai (the ugly ass thing you see below) licks the blade clean of its own blood.

7. Sunshine - Kaneda's Death The soundtrack you hear has been ripped off frequently since this movie's debut, and it shines best in this scene where the freight-train rays of the sun rip through the ship's Captain Kaneda.

6. Cube - The Opening Scene Cube did for science fiction what Saw did for horror films. It's basically death porn. If you're not familiar, a bunch of people wake up in these strange cube things and have to figure out a way to get out without dying. In the opening scene of the film, a character is CUBED from some mysterious, invisible wave.

5. Alien - The Chest Bursting Scene According to legend, director Ridley Scott told the actors only vague details of what was to unravel in this scene. Watch their faces.

4.Robocop - Toxic Waste Death

This guy falls into some toxic waste and definitely doesn't become a super hero.

3. Raiders of the Lost Ark - The Face-Melting Nazi Is there anything more satisfying than watching a Nazi, who've you been waiting to be killed the entire film, melt layer-by-layer at the hands of biblical ghosts? One thing this scene proves pretty righteously: Spielberg has changed. (See the opening scene of Indiana Jones: Kingdom of Crystal Skull.)

2. Jaws - Oh, You Know The Scene. It's the reason you're afraid of lakes, ponds and clear pools. Still hard to watch.

1. Scanners - The Head Explosion Thank you, David Cronenberg. That is all. Just...thank you.

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