The 20 Best, Weirdest and Most Bizarre Dallas Costumes of 2012

Dallas, you're crazy and that's why we love you. From conventions to pet parades, zombie runs to Kiss concerts, you found a way to stand out from the crowd. You know why? Because normal is boring, that's why.

Let's take a look back at the strangest, most beautiful or simply most inventive costumes of 2013. Here's our top 20.

Lady, I don't know how you drank or sat or got in the cab at the end of Halloween, but you brought the party. I salute you for going wild, girl.

I still can't figure out why Jack isn't more excited. He's at a Maxim Magazine party and the ladies be hangin'.

The Gay Pride Parade was off, like a dozen chains. Shantay, you stay.

Commitment to costume? Nailed it.

They had to cross worlds to find each other -- there's a lesson in there somewhere.

You win, okay? Just don't hurt me.

Get him, zombie business man! Close that very important deal.

Friends who ultra cosplay out together, stay together.

Who loves a great Kiss concert? We do. Oh, and these guys. Keep on shoutin'.

Sometimes a great haircut and a few, key accessories are all you need. At least if you're a dog.

Basking in Stan Lee's watchful glow. Good job, fellas.

IT solidified my lifelong fear of clowns, but I might have avoided the night terrors entirely if I'd known that monster hated breast cancer too.

Man, I like a dwarf who appreciates a fine crochet beard. I want to find his girlfriend's Etsy site -- I bet it's amazing.

Wow. Just wow.

Photos like this make me think two things: 1.) I'm really glad they got together. And 2.) What do you think they do for a living?

Honey keeps her cosplay game tight.

Awesomest family ever. I bet Halloween at their house is AMAZING.

I just want to keep this picture in a locket and open it up when I'm feeling blue. In addition to having a great outfit, this little guy has an indomitable spirit. Truck on, little monster. Truck on.

Great job Dallas! We can't wait to see how you top yourselves in 2013.

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