The 21 Best Things To Do on Halloween Weekend in Dallas

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Texas Theatre sets The Tingler loose tonight! (Pro Tip: Gargle first. Screaming could save your life.)

Happy Halloween, goons. This week's list has it all: Halloween parties, freaky films, art, live podcast recordings and a huge skateboarding tribute event for Dallas icon, Jeff Phillips.

Share this list with your coven and click the event titles for more information. I'll see you out there. (I'll be the flamingo that's punching The Tingler.)

Thursday 10.31 The Nine Best Halloween Events Happening Tonight in Dallas -- Yes, it's a list inside a list. (Somewhere my diploma is lighting itself on fire.) From warehouse ragers to an Oak Cliff art house theater, here's where to wear that costume.

Friday 11.1 The 2013 Witches Ball -- Still clinging to that costume? Love tigers? Well, Fabreze that sucker (er, the costume, not the tiger) and roll over to Quixotic World. That's where circus acts, psychics and outfits more elaborate than yours fill the space during this fundraiser for big cats.

Bad Prom 5K -- Tug on a sequin gown and run through a dark path, parsed by prom-staged party scenes. The whole thing ends in giant themed bash. (Don't forget your flask.)

DSO Does Dvorak -- Czech. It. Out. A whole evening composed by Dvoraks -- Senior and Junior -- brings a startling night of music to the Meyerson. Herb and Dorothy 50x50 -- This documentary picks up where the last left off, following the eccentric, unlikely couple who -- on civil servant salaries -- amassed one astounding contemporary art collection in their tiny New York walk-up. This one follows the pair as they bravely bid farewell to all of that art. It's at the Modern this weekend.

Saturday 11.2 Boneless One 3 -- Jeff Phillips is more than just the biggest pro-skater to come out of Dallas: He's one of the sport's legacy groundbreakers. His 1993 suicide has never been forgotten, especially by the organizers of tribute event Boneless One 3. It supports suicide prevention and features talents Dave Allen, Jake Brown and others performing Jeff's signature moves on a world-class vert ramp.

Kate Gilmore: Between A Hard Place, at Fort Worth Contemporary Arts -- This combination of video and performance by Kate Gilmore addresses destruction through self-designed obstacles. The write-up says this: "We see her kick down walls to break out of structures that are made to restrict movement or lift heavy containers of wet paint onto impossibly high shelves. Each act is carried out in high heels and dresses that psychologically, physically, and visually conflict with the force of her actions." Well, we've all been there.

Price is Right Live! -- Guys, this is happening. The touring version of Price is Right, the best gameshow ever made, is coming to town. But wait, there's more: It's hosted by Jerry Springer.

Dallas Observer Music Awards -- This is where you'll be on Saturday night, so let's get drunk together.

Uhh, Yeah Dude -- This not-so-little podcast, hosted by Seth Romatelli and Jonathan Larroquette, ain't new to the game. They've been calling out social crimes (improperly weighed tortillas, doomed Missed Connections and more) since 2006. That's like, 32 years in podcast time. They'll magically materialize in three-dimensional form at Texas Theatre on Saturday night at this Parade of Flesh gig. Get there.

Sunday 11.3 AIA Tour of Homes -- This stunning home tour celebrates interesting feats of modern residential architecture. Go Saturday or Sunday and pretend you live in a floor-to-ceiling window heaven. We're doing a ticket giveaway; it ends today at 3 p.m.

The Florence Project at Webb Gallery -- Tom Sale has been on a three-year Florence Nightingale pilgrimage, traveling internationally to visit her haunts and read her diaries. This group show, helmed by Sale, but including work by Scott Horn, Richard Saja, Penny Nickels and Lily Smith-Kirkley, brings it all to life. Expect dioramas, hand-cast body parts, taxidermy and more, all at Waxahachie's best little art nook.

Rock-A-Bully -- In Miami you can keep a tiger as a pet but not a pit bull. That says two things: Miami's freaking crazy, and pit bulls need better PR. There's a pro-pit event happening at Sue Ellen's on Sunday and one of those Pit Boss dudes will be there.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.


Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.