The Absolute Best Eleven Things To Do This Weekend: February 16 - 19

You did it! You managed to keep your head low and your gaze straight as you soldiered through another work week, and for that you should be rewarded. Here's a little congratulations prize for your efforts (spoiler alert: it's a list of fun stuff to do around town). Click each of the event's titles for more information. Thursday, February 16 Zombi Race Zombies solving riddles and... running? Dear Lord, help us all. You'll need a zombie pal to compete in this fast-moving quest for clues that lurches off at The Church this evening, so pick your quickest friend. (Think 28 Days Later, zombie friend. Not Night of the Living Dead, zombie friend.)

John Leguizamo in Ghetto Klown In his newest one-man-show, Leguizamo acts out scenes from his experiences in show biz. He plays every character, so just try to imagine what it will look like when he reenacts a fist fight with Patrick Swayze on the set of "To Wong Fu."

Friday, February 17
An Evening with Don Hertzfeldt at Texas Theatre

If you've ever attended a Sick 'N' Twisted Animation Festival, you're familiar with Don Hertzfeldt. His squiggly and diabolical cartoons have become cult phenomenons; they wear silly hats, dress as bananas and bludgeon each other with hammers. Join Hertzfeldt tonight when he shows his latest trilogy of short films, including his newest installment I

t's Such A Beautiful Day. ESPN's Friday Night Fight at UTA's College Park Center

Both seasoned and amateur boxing bouts make up this whack-a-thon, that includes twelve rounds with world contenders John Molina and Marvin Quintero as well as a match between Olympians Shawn Estrada and Luis Yanez.

Mean: The Charles Manson Musical The Order of the Rainbow as told through song and dance? Oh yes, it's Mean, a comedic musical based on the life of 'Ol Charlie (that's what his friends call him) Manson. Bring It On The Musical If the above-mentioned musical about Charles Manson makes your spirit stick drop to the ground, don't worry; we've got something for you, too! Your favorite movie and sequel series, Bring It On has officially been brought, and turned into a high-energy free for all of song, dance and cheer. It's already won our hearts, so grab a gal pal and go all "rah rah" at the Music Hall.

Saturday, February 18 Monster Energy Supercross at Cowboy Stadium What do you get when you combine Supercross and energy drinks? Either the most extreme Saturday night or your life or some new variety of glowing purple Doritos. Mardi Gras Bash In The Gayborhood This four bar encompassing party has got it all, from aerial dancers to psychic healers, and with all proceeds benefiting AIDS Arms Dallas you'll know you're getting trashed and shaking your rump for a good cause.

Cupid Dash 10K/5K Fun Run I know that he's supposed to represent love, but Cupid is a scary figure: a winged baby armed with an arrow? Yeah, I'd run from that.

Sunday, February 19 Tristan And Isolde at the Winspear It's Wagner at his Wagneriest. Expect a lot of singing followed by a lot of death -- Oh, the opera!

Final Weekend of Thin Line Film Fest in Denton This celebration of documentary filmmaking wraps up tomorrow, so abuse your temporary access to movies that you might never have another shot at seeing and camp out at The Campus Theatre for these final days.

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