Hannah Ann Took a Page From Melissa Rycroft’s Book on The Bachelor

Hannah Ann Sluss and Peter Weber are not together.EXPAND
Hannah Ann Sluss and Peter Weber are not together.
John Fleenor / ABC

On this week's episode of The Bachelor, host Chris Harrison promised the audience an ending like no other. This ending was out of nowhere. This ending no one saw coming. This ending was the ... most ... dramatic ... EVER.

Note that he didn't say it was the most original.

Hannah Ann Sluss, 23, was dumbfounded when Bachelor Peter Weber dumped her on national television because he still had feelings for his runner-up. Tough one for her, but somewhere in Dallas, Melissa Rycroft could probably feel a chill in her bones. Ten years ago, Rycroft competed on the 13th season of The Bachelor and won, only to be dumped on national television by her then-fiancé, Jason Mesnick, because he also still loved his runner-up, Molly.

Life is short yet somehow also long enough to see two men 15 years apart in age do the exact same thing 10 years apart.

Mesnick's season of The Bachelor is on Netflix now — the only season currently on the platform, and if we know anything (and we do because if you recall, we told you at the beginning of this season to not trust pilots), then we suspect that during Sluss' downtime, she watched season 13 of The Bachelor and took some notes from our hometown sweetheart Rycroft. Let's compare:

Rycroft: "I wish more than anything that last day you would have just let me go instead of doing this to me. I'm so mad at you."
Sluss: "Why didn't you just let me go instead of taking this away from me (while holding up her engagement ring)?"

Rycroft: "To me, getting engaged and finding that person was a once-in-a-lifetime thing and you took that from me. You took it."
Sluss: "You took away from me my first engagement. You took that away from me."

Rycroft: "I trusted you with everything, going, he's knows what I've been through, I know what he's been through."
Sluss: "I trusted you, that's what you have continued to ask me to do, be patient with me, have faith in me, trust in me."

Rycroft: "Leave me alone, please."
Sluss: "I don't need anything more from you."

Rycroft has since moved on from Mesnick and The Bachelor world. She is now married to a man she didn't meet on reality TV and they have three children. There is still hope for you, Sluss.

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