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The Best Pop Culture Moments of 2011 in Shorthand (Part Two)

Let's shorthand it, shall we? Because in Twitterworld, who needs complete sentences? U w/me, ppl?

-Birds are angry.

-Alec Baldwin is angry. He plays Words with Friends. (He has friends?)

-Be angry at college coaches in the showers.

-Steve Jobs' sister, Mona Simpson, delivers best eulogy ever.

-Two presidential candidates wear secret underwear. And maybe also Marcus Bachmann. But not for religious reasons.

-Pinterest loves Ryan Gosling, glitter shoes and Mason jars.

-Missoni for Target. If you got there early.

-Planned spontaneity.

-Hamsters drive Kia Souls.

-Grandma and Grandpa can't figure out the webcam.

-Planking and owling.

-The kitten is scared of green apples.

-Too many Kardashians. One too many Kris Humphries.

-Dr. Drew. Everywhere.

-No one needs Sarah Palin. Anywhere.

-Hugh Jackman on Broadway again. War Horse. Porgy & Bess. Follies. How to succeed? Be Harry Potter, not Spider-Man.

-Paula Deen's butter.

-KFC cheesy bacon bowl.


-One day Taylor Swift will be old. Unlike Marie Osmond's face.

-Everyone can read everything without turning pages. (See baby.)


-There's an app for that.

-Put it on the cloud.

Final space shuttle flight.

-Steve Buscemi's eyes.

-Rick Perry. Oops.

-Preacher says world is gonna end. Twice. Did it?

-Tot mom goes free. Amanda Knox comes home.

-Earthquakes, tsunamis, wars. Gaddafi's gone. Mubarak's gone. Bin Laden's dead. He liked to watch TV.


-Meryl Streep is Maggie Thatcher.

-Betty White hawt. -Teen Moms. Toddlers & Tiaras. Today without Meredith Vieira. And where in the world is Matt Lauer now that they want Ryan Seacrest?

-Anderson Cooper giggles like a little girl. But not while getting beat up in Tahrir Square.

- Bono grows a beard. Tom Cruise still has his. Hi, Katie! Suri scares us.

-Get out your rusty old bikes, American Pickers are coming. -Bored to Death. Larry Crowne.

-Donald Trump, 0. Seth Myers at White House Correspondents Dinner, 1.

-Obama's birth certificate. Told ya!

-Snooki "writes" a book.

-Rosie gets engaged (wife No. 2). Oprah and Steadman are still whatever.

-Gayle King and Charlie Rose to CBS Morning News. (TV's elephant graveyard.)

-Wikileaks. And so does Whoopi Goldberg.

-Phone hacking. UK Sun goes down. Old Murdoch looks confused. Young Murdoch stutters.

-Lock them doors, it's Scotty McCreery.

-X Factor. Sing Off. Biggest Loser. Top Chef Texas. Work of Art. Project Runway. Top Gear. A-List Dallas. Ice Road Truckers. Downton Abbey.

-Owen Wilson as Woody Allen in Paris at midnight with Ernest Hemingway.

-Girl with dragon tattoo. Probably has friends on People of Walmart.

-Don't ask, don't tell? Gurl, now you can serve openly in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines. But not the GOP.

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