The Big City

In Dark City, Rufus Sewell plays John Murdoch, an Everyman who could be anyone. Or he could be a serial killer. He's not too sure because, while he's somehow gained telekinetic powers, he's also completely lost his memory. Poor John barely has time to enjoy the fact that he's married to the choice hotness that is Jennifer Connelly as he's constantly evading a legion of anemic aliens that look like Michael Stipe in full motorcycle leather. Luckily, Dr. Kiefer Sutherland shows up to sort a few things out. Ya see, time, space and reality as we all know it are regularly disrupted and manipulated by the Michael Stipe leather fetishists so they can acquire the essence of the human soul to...ya know what, we don't wanna spoil the movie anymore than we already have. While it may have slept at the box office, Dark City went on to lend a few set pieces to The Matrix, win a few screenwriting and sci-fi awards and garner modest cult cinema status amongst 12-to-36-year-old males who enjoy furiously masturbating to lesbian space vampire anime. Dark City screens Friday and Saturday at midnight at the Inwood Theatre, 5848 W. Lovers Lane. Call 214-764-9106 or visit
Fri., Dec. 22; Sat., Dec. 23
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Geoff Johnston