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The Big Score: Watch Breaking Bad's Final Season on a Rooftop, Drinking Crystal Meth Cocktails

Walter White's life of crime began in a busted-up 1986 Fleetwood Bounder. For Dallas fans who have followed the Breaking Bad protagonist's story since the beginning, the last ride begins on the Rooftop Patio at Sundown at Granada July 15, where the bar will screen every episode of the show's fifth and final season beginning this Sunday at 9 p.m.

Season five promises to cook up a series of twists and turns for White, a man pushed to the limits by the strains of life. And Sundown wants to offer fans a comfortable place to sit and watch as White sorts through the mess he has placed himself in. As the sun sets on this critically-acclaimed series, the rooftop bar will offer $4 tacos and $3 Texas Beers. Sundown will also offer a Blue Ice cocktail, a drink that commemorates the finest crystal meth in the southwest.

Earlier seasons will not be screened before the season premiere on AMC, so Sundown is not the place to play catch-up on the storyline. Not to worry, however, as Netflix announced that its subscribers will have access to season four streaming starting July 15 -- so while those with the DVD by mail option have a few days to wrap up last season, streamers will want to keep Sunday wide open.

The patio can fit about 100 people, so be there early to grab a good seat as a tale of life, love, lies and sacrifice makes its last hits on television history.

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