The Big Stain


Stomping grapes sounds like serious fun...if only feet weren't involved. What if a seed gets in between two toes? Exactly how many bare feet will we be seeing? Just how soon will we be able to wash off our feet? Deep breaths. The LightCatcher Winery, 6925 Confederate Park Road, Fort Worth, hosts a craze of crushing and stomping grapes from noon to 6 p.m. on its annual Crush Day, featuring 40 tons of fruit. An opening ceremony at 1 p.m. gets things going with "industrial crushing" until every last grape has been turned into a savory pulp ready for fermenting. While stompers get a purple pedicure, Trio Blanc entertains with live, crush-motivating music. Admission is only $10, souvenir glass included, for this adults-only event. Wine (by the glass or bottle), lunches and snacks are available for purchase. With our foot phobia, we'll prepare for the event by scrubbing our little tootsies to a sanitary pink and saving up to buy enough wine to get us through the experience...or at least blur our vision enough so we can't make out anyone else's befruited peds. Call 817-237-2626. --Merritt Martin

A Texas Queen

She has more money than God and wrote a novel titled Primrose Past: The 1848 Journal of Young Lady Primrose, but we can't bring ourselves to utter a snide word about Caroline Rose Hunt. The honorary chairwoman of Rosewood Hotels and Resorts is an involved philanthropist and co-founder of Lady Primrose's Bathing & Skin Luxuries. But it's Hunt's humor we like: When the Junior League of Los Angeles honored her for Lifetime Community Achievement, she told The Los Angeles Times, "There aren't this many cameras in all of Dallas, maybe all of Texas." She'll be interviewed at 7 p.m. Tuesday at the Hall of State in Fair Park. Call 214-421-4500. --Claiborne Smith

Yellow-Bellied Art Lovers

If Joan "Saint Joan of Art" Davidow didn't have so many redeeming qualities, we'd ridicule her without mercy for color-coding the cocktail attire every year at the Dallas Center for Contemporary Art's Legends Awards gala. It's party time again--7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Wednesday at 2801 Swiss Ave. --and Davidow urges "a burst of yellow" to contrast the de rigueur black. Amid the swilling and the sampling, three Legends will be presented. Commenting on artist-honoree Linnea Glatt's work, Davidow says, "Linnea is the most under-recognized artist in Dallas." Dallas City Council member Veletta Forsythe Lill is the first politico ever honored. Announcing the third winner, Linda Pace, who opened San Antonio's renowned ArtPace in 1995, Diana Block, director of the University of North Texas gallery, says Pace "has made more of an impact on art in Texas than anyone the last 35 years." Call 214-821-2522 for $125 (or $100 for members) tickets. --Annabelle Massey Helber

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