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The Conspiracy Thickens: Art Con 9 has Selected its Talent Roster for Mounted

Art Conspiracy has released its list of selected artists for Mounted, the taxidermy-inspired fundraising auction happening on June 8, at Life in Deep Ellum.

Look out: It's full of local the talents you know and lust after. Team Dowdy's onboard, and likely creating something posthumously adorable; local collectable favorite Cabe Booth will take a stab at the task; Dallas Observer Mastermind Erica Felicella is cracking her knuckles; yard portrait goddess Corey Godfrey is sharpening her knitting needles; graffiti activist/painter/sculpture, Cube Creative's Kevin Obregon has been tapped, and so have roughly 35 other artists of varied mediums and approaches.

They've been issued wooden taxidermy mounts as starting points, but that's the extent of these pieces commonality. Whether selected subjects are animal, digital, fabric, audio, cinematic, welded, screen printed, stitched, painted, sculpted or derived from any other means of creative fabrication is up to each individual artist.

You'll shop the work soon enough. Until then, let's take a look at who's makin' stuff for Art Conspiracy presents Mounted.

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The List Mike Arreaga Cabe Booth Gary Buckner Travis Bush Meagan Dahl L.E. Doughtie Dylan Dowdy Pamela Dowdy Angela Faz Erica Felicella Sarah Francis Sergio Garza Erik Glissmann Corey Godfrey John Gonzales Kurt Griesbach Gabbe Grodin David Harrel Ross High Levi Leddy Lisa Lindholm Randy Lisbona Jessie Martinez Julie McCullough Aralyn McGregor Alex Mitchell Vanessa Neil Kevin Obregon Caroline Oliver Steve Rainwater Danny Rose Richard Ross Edward Ruiz Julia Schloss Clint Scism Brad Ford Smith Rachel Spire Rachel Stephens Kris Swenson Esteban Tijerina Can Turkyilmaz Hobbes Vincent

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