The Dallas Film Society is Screening a Bunch of Good Old Comedies, to Help Wipe Jack and Jill from Your Brain

Sometimes your brain, just like your body, needs to be flushed of all the toxins you've been dumping into it, especially if you've been streaming a lot of Netflix. No remedy for that at Whole Foods, but the Dallas Film Society, along with Morning News critic Chris Vognar and the Angelika, is taking a crack with its latest film series: Make 'Em Laugh: A Look at Modern American Comedies.

And they've plucked some good ones:

Aug 9: DUCK SOUP (1933)
Sept 13: SULLIVAN'S TRAVELS (1941)
Oct. 11: SOME LIKE IT HOT (1959)
Nov. (date tbd): DR STRANGELOVE (1964)
Dec 13: ANNIE HALL (1977)
Jan. 10: RAISING ARIZONA (1987)

Screenings are free, but you'll have to RSVP within 10 days of each screening, so make a Google event or something.

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