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The Dallas Museum of Art's New, Uncharted Course is About a Lot More Than Being Free

As the announcement sunk in, so did comprehension: The Dallas Museum of Art will do away with general admission fees and offer free memberships beginning in January of 2013. But how?

The last 10 months of Maxwell Anderson's stint in the director's chair have been a barrage of smaller successes that, when laced together, form a financially sound institution devoted to self-reliance. Grant funding for new projects now reaches into the multimillion dollar range, allowing for expansion of the building's physical space, the DMA's technological reach and the diversity of its collection, which before Anderson took office tipped too heavily toward modern art.

These individual announcements now lay face up on the table, and they look a lot like winning hand. Combined with free admission, they will lead to visitation increasing next year. And the museum has carefully positioned itself to accommodate a larger, and more diverse, audience than ever before.

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Jamie Laughlin
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