The Dallas Observer and Paul Varghese Are Doing a Comedy Crawl in Deep Ellum on Thursday, October 24

If you're in Deep Ellum on Thursday, October 24, and you see a hammered dude stumbling across the street with a barstool and mic, you should know in advance that it's not Zombie Carlin, as welcome a sight as that would be. It's the Dallas Observer's first-ever Comedy Crawl.

We got together with local comic Paul Varghese to organize this night of booze, laughs and boozelaughs at four of Deep Ellum's most agreeable venues. We'll start at 8 p.m. at the Green Room, where Varghese and two other comics will drop short sets of jokes on whoever's within earshot.

Then, around 8:30, we'll drag our shit to the Anvil Pub and start three new sets. Then Twilite Lounge, and finally Three Links, where we'll finish the jokes (around 10:30 or 11, we're thinking, but who knows) and commence wondering how we convinced ourselves this was a good idea.

All the vaguely important details are stored digitally on this website page, and in this Facebook invite. The event is free. The jokes are free. The booze is not. Unless you steal it. Which we don't recommend. But if you do, Jameson rocks, por favor.

To review:

What: Jokes and drunks Where: The Green Room When: 8 p.m. Who: Paul Varghese and Friends, plus as many Observer staffers as we can get to come, just to be safe. How much: Nothin' Why: Who can be sure?

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