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The Dallas Observer is Giving Away $6,000 to Artists, and We Need Your Nominations

While we at the Observer live awestruck by Dallas' collective creativity, once each year we're able to celebrate it through direct funding. That time is now.

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Nominations have opened for our third annual MasterMind Awards -- Holy Grail cash grants presented to those artistic movers/shakers helping to push Dallas ahead of the pack. These are no-strings-attached prizes, so winners aren't required to knit a sweater around our building or project our business' name like the Bat Signal. The money is theirs to use as they wish.

There's a total of $6,000 in the pot, with individual amounts starting at a cool grand. But here's the deal: We can't give it to you if we don't know about you.

We're interested in Dallas artists who excel in visual, performance, video, film, sculptural, installation, and other non-music mediums. (We leave honoring bands and songwriters to the DOMAs.) We also want to know about which activists are fighting to keep local art in heavy rotation throughout the city.

If you're that person, or you know that person, we'd love to hear from you. Registration is a snap: Just click here. In just a few, brief minutes, you can nominate someone, or yourself, as a MasterMind. Nominations close on December 21, so let's share this post and help get the word out.

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Jamie Laughlin
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