The Dallas VideoFest Needs Your Help to Have the Greatest Birthday Ever

Dallas VideoFest is approaching a milestone and turning 25 years young. (Awe, don't worry, DVF. You could still pass for Beta.) They've got a lot of experimental projects on the bill for this installment, happening from September 27 to 30, and still all of those documentaries you've come to rely on. (DVF announced they've snagged a film about everyone's favorite Steel Magnolia, Anne Richards.)

But creating and curating all of that stimulating programming isn't free, so now there's a Kickstarter campaign. You can help make this birthday extra memorable by lending a hand. Give a little golf clap sized donation ($5) and get a Facebook shout-out from Bart. Go applause-o-meter big ($200) and get mermaid earrings! Any amount is welcome, just pitch in something. We want to blow out the celebratory birthday candles together come September.

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