The Five Best Comedy Shows in Dallas This Weekend, April 18-21

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George Willborn at the Arlington Improv Attention, ladies: There is no magic dress. If you looked fat out of the dress, you look fat in the dress. Pearls of wisdom from George Willborn, who's been featured on All-Star Comedy Jam, Def Comedy Jam All Stars, Showtime at the Apollo and more. He tells it like it is, and that includes topics of the bedroom. Another one for the ladies: Sex with a stranger doesn't make you a hoe! It just makes you hoe-ish! Good to know. Willborn will be here this Thursday through Sunday.

Orny Adams at the Dallas Improv Adams co-starred with Jerry Seinfeld in Comedian and he's been featured on Funnyordie, so he's automatically cooler than the rest of us. He's got a real problem with today's fat and lazy kids with backpacks on wheels (Texas may know a thing or two about this), probably because he remembers the days when taking the trash to the curb involved a rusted, metal can that required a tetanus shot to handle. He'll be here this Thursday through Sunday. I think it's safe to say -- don't bring your kids.

Robin Hood, The Road to Sherwood at the Pocket Sandwich Theatre The Pocket is one of the only places where you can throw popcorn at people on stage and no one gets mad. Take advantage of this, people. Their Robin Hood show is one of their infamous, boo-hiss-throw popcorn melodramas, and for good reason: it's a spoof of those old-ass Bob Hope/Bing Crosby Road Movies of the '40s and '50s. This is the perfect recipe for laughs and a workout. You may want to stretch out before showing up. The show runs this Thursday through Sunday and continues throughout the month.

Comedy Night at Two Corks and a Bottle Wine plus comedy? Yes, please. At Two Corks and a Bottle, come out and see Sherry Etzel, a diverse stand up and sketch comedian and regular at Two Corks. Sit back and relax in a super chill atmosphere, while ordering from an expansive wine list, including white, red, fruit and specialty wines. We hear this event is pretty funny, so we hope you remember it the next morning. Friday night; 21 and up.

Open Mic Night at Backdoor Comedy Club Whether you're genuinely funny or just have balls of steel, open mic night at Backdoor Comedy is something everyone should try once. Chicken? Hang out in the audience and watch careers being made right before your eyes! Or, you know, the worst night of someone's life. Wannabes must sign up in advance. Only seven bucks to watch the carnage. This Thursday.

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