The Five Best Comedy Shows in Dallas This Weekend, April 4-7

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Carlos Mencia at Addison Improv This Honduras-born comedian rose to superstardom with his show Mind of Mencia and a ridiculous catch phrase. His Comedy Central stand-up special, No Strings Attached, was a huge hit, but now he's getting back to his roots. Coming off his latest comedy special, New Territory, Mencia is traveling the country, playing smaller venues with more intimate audiences. And his material is just like him--meaner and leaner. He's offering up solutions to our immigration "problem," explanations of our economy using pelvic thrusts, and stories about his dad, whose thumbless hand is a guaranteed trump card. He'll be here this Thursday through Sunday.

Bobcat Goldthwait at Hyena's in Dallas So much for that 2005 retirement! Bobcat Goldthwait started performing comedy professionally at the age of 15, and he's never stopped. One of his most recent ventures was directing ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live, where he managed to tack on another 2 million viewers per night. While retaining his acerbic take on the world, his current stand up is less screechy and more real, with him often making his fun of his younger self. At 50 years old, Goldthwait has reinvented himself, and it's worth checking out. He'll be in Dallas this Thursday and Friday.

The Uptown Players in Re-Designing Women at Rose Room Theater This outrageous drag show is the unofficial ode to one of the '80's best shows, Designing Women. In this reincarnation, the Southern queens of design, Sugarbaker Design Firm, are hit hard by the economy. But Suzanne has the solution--starring on reality TV. Watch as Julia (and her over-the-top tirades), Suzanne, Mary Jo, Charlene and even Anthony give the cameras more than they can handle. Oh, and be on the lookout for Bernice. Opens Friday, 21 and up.

Hottest Comics In Dallas 2013 Competition at Taste of The Islands This Friday, local comedians from all over Dallas/Fort Worth will compete for a highlighted spot at the AT&T Theatre Center Downtown Dallas on April 27. Judges will be chosen from a poll of interested parties (that's you) and will receive free tickets to the AT&T Theatre Center show. Everybody else in attendance will get a super cool discounted rate. It's absolutely free, so come out and support some local talent (while judging them fiercely).

Avenue Q at Theatre Three Avenue Q is where orange felt, glued-on eyes and four letter words meet in hilarity. The show tells the tale of a recent college grad named Princeton who moves into a run-down NYC apartment all the way out on, you guessed it, Avenue Q. Princeton is greeted by some all-too-believable characters--Lucy the slut and Rod the Republican are just a couple. Don't let the puppetry fool you; this is an adults-only show. Playing this Thursday through Sunday and continuing through April. Check the website for listings.

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Jane R. LeBlanc
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