The Five Best Comedy Shows in Dallas This Weekend, February 21 to 24

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Frank Caliendo at the Addison Improv You might think you're watching FOX NFL Sunday or MAD TV, but it's all Frank Caliendo, one of the best celebrity voice impersonators working. He'll create an entire Seinfeld scene for you, playing every major character (save the lovely Elaine), and then immediately throw himself into politics, switching between George W. Bush and Bill Clinton faster than an undecided voter. The man of many voices will be here this Friday and Saturday.

Jeff Burghart at Hyena's in Dallas Another impressionist in DFW this weekend, Burghart pairs his voice talent with his own life experiences. He tells one story of a cheating girlfriend through the voice of Jack Nicholson and what I can only assume is an extremely closeted French fellow. Rodney Dangerfield, Arnold Schwarzenegger and even Ozzy's famous old-man shuffle make appearances. He'll be here Thursday through Saturday.

Corey Holcomb at the Arlington Improv With the ability to turn a story on its head, Holcomb is as shocking as he is funny. He takes common stand-up fare and spins it, often to initial surprise and eventual approval of his audience. Relationships = abortion clinics with pool tables in the front. Gamble your money back! Child rearing = helping his slutty girlfriend's five year old set up a lemonade stand. Outside her bedroom. You get the idea. He's here Thursday through Sunday. Good luck.

Kate Clinton's SIS-BOOM-BAH Tour at the Youth Orchestra Hall in Fort Worth Part power lesbian, part political mastermind, Kate Clinton is embarking on her seventh tour to mouth off on the right wing, the pope, middle age and more. Clinton has been performing for 31 years, and her SIS-BOOM-BAH tour will travel through the U.S. and Canada. She doesn't slow down--must be her super lesbian powers. Clinton will be here this Friday only.

Noises Off at the Pocket Sandwich Theatre This play within a play tells the story of an enthusiastic director and his lackluster performers. The cast and crew are desperately trying to put on a sex comedy titled Nothing On. Lovers fight, doors slam and clothes come off. Anything that could possible go wrong does, and it's balls to the wall to hang on to lines, performances and furniture. Directed by Carol M. Rice, Noises Off opens this Friday.

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