The Five Best Comedy Shows in Dallas This Weekend, March 7-10

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Joan Rivers at the AT&T Performing Arts Center The Queen of the Red Carpet, the lady with the last word, the most foul-mouthed female of her generation (and maybe mine), Ms. Joan Rivers will be here on Sunday, the holiest of days. And amen for that. Rivers is a comedy legend. She created her own brand of no-holds-barred stand-up in the '60s, landing her a spot in TV history as a guest on Johnny Carson's The Tonight Show. She paved the way for some of today's hottest comics (think Kathy Griffin and Sarah Silverman), so she's a must-see.

Lavell Crawford at the Arlington Improv A larger-than-life personality propels Lavell Crawford through what he does best -- complaining about everything under the sun, hilariously. That's not to say he can't look on the bright side. Ugly? Hang out with blind people! Fat? Hang out with someone even fatter! Got bad breath? Hang out with someone with a sinus problem! Crawford will be here this Thursday through Sunday.

Harland Williams at the Addison Improv Harland Williams has been a guest of Letterman, Leno and Conan O'Brien, and his average-Joe brand of stand-up has been featured on both HBO and Comedy Central. But his fans know him best from his roles in Dumb & Dumber, There's Something About Mary and Half Baked. Come out and see Williams and his ears this Thursday through Sunday.

Tommy Blaze at Hyena's in Fort Worth Single? Married? Divorced? In between or all of the above? Tommy Blaze wants to straighten you out. A comic with a definite point of view that he's not afraid to share, Blaze is one of Hyena's favorite returning acts. He's appeared on TV (even on Friends opposite Jennifer Aniston) and on the big screen. He'll be here Friday and Saturday.

Bobby Slayton at Hyena's in Dallas Bobbly Slayton is a true man's man, and he says it like it is. With an almost militaristic shout that's always on hyperdrive, he says what most people (okay, most men) are really thinking. He's performed all over the U.S. and overseas, on The Tonight Show and in his own HBO special. He'll be here Thursday through Saturday to bark out some Slayton truths, if you can handle him.

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Jane R. LeBlanc
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