The Five Best Comedy Shows in Dallas this Weekend, May 2-5

Every week we highlight the best comedy of the coming weekend. Find more comedy events at dallasobserver.com/calendar.

Eddie Griffin at the Addison Improv Eddie Griffin thinks white churches are scary, especially Catholic ones. Priests float out in white robes with crosses around their necks and the choir sounds like something from The Omen.

Okay, he may have a point.

Griffin got his start in stand up on a dare. Working as a dance choreographer in the late eighties, his cousin dared him to jump on stage at the Kansas City comedy club Sanford and Sons. He was given three minutes and performed successfully for 45. Nowadays, he's known for his roles in movies like Date Movie and Norbit and his comedy stand up specials. He'll be here this Friday and Saturday. 21 and up.

LaVar Walker at the Arlington Improv Known for his spot-on impressions of TI and Kevin Hart, LaVar Walker's first go at comedy didn't go so well. Feeling discouraged, he moved on to pharmacy school (or whatever that's called). But after six years of school and landing a job, comedy called. Now he does both, and for good reason -- behind the counter is the perfect vantage point for some of his best material. He'll be here this Thursday through Sunday. 21 and up.

JR Brow at Hyena's in Dallas A mix of stand up and musical comedy, JR Brow muses on everything from how dumb America's getting (seriously, watch one episode of Family Feud) to how he refused to join the military (getting up at the crack of dawn was not happening). Bringing his electric guitar on stage, he likes to point out how everything from the sixties is basically the same shit while jumping from song to song in every era imaginable. He'll be here this Friday and Saturday. Get ready to laugh (and rock).

Big Ed Blake at Hyena's in Fort Worth Blake makes it a point to go to Walmart on a regular basis - just to feel attractive. But soon, he's just bewildered by the modifications on kids' toys these days (safety barriers for trampolines, anyone?) and annoyed by little kids in his way. His trips must be a real mood booster. But he cheers himself up with his plan for his kids -- as soon as they're old enough to seek out his porn stash, he's stocking up on gay mags for his hiding place. Father of the year? He'll be here this Thursday through Saturday.

Beverly Hills Cop at All Studio Movie Grill Locations Eddie Murphy at his absolute height is back this Thursday at all Studio Movie Grill locations. For just one dollar, relive the '80s, celluloid style. Watch as Murphy tracks down his friend's killer all the way to the bizarre world that is Beverly Hills. Movie starts at 7:30 p.m. across locations, and tickets are available online.

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