The Five Best Comedy Shows in Dallas This Weekend, May 30-June 2

Every week we highlight the best comedy of the coming weekend. Find more comedy events at dallasobserver.com/calendar.

Aziz Ansari at the Verizon Theatre at Grand Prairie Aziz Ansari is taking his Buried Alive! tour across America, targeting any cities he had to skip last time. Loved for his role as Tom Haverford on the NBC hit show Parks and Recreation, Ansari is one of the nation's top comedians. With his signature flat delivery and thick sarcasm about everything from picking up chicks to befuddled rappers, he's definitely a must-see. He'll be here this Friday.

Anthony Jeselnik at the House of Blues in Dallas King of the uncomfortable-silence-into-nervous-laughter one-liner and champion of the Comedy Central roast, Jeselnik is working his way up the comedy ladder one offense at a time. Star of the podcast-style Comedy Central program The Jeselnik Offensive, Jeselnik never backs down, never breaks. After all, there are some truths behind each line and each shit-eating grin. Catch him this Thursday.

Tracy Morgan at the House of Blues in Dallas Who ever said comedians are stable people? Tracy Morgan, who's been toeing the proverbial line the last couple years, is crossing the country with his Excuse My French tour. The 30 Rock star has had some hiccups lately, but we know there's a seriously funny dude inside. He'll be here this Sunday (what better day than the holiest of days?), and it's anyone's guess what happens on stage.

Tommy Davidson at the Addison Improv A living sound sample machine, Tommy Davidson is part Spanish TV announcer, part President Obama, part white woman of justice. He gained fame on the much-missed show In Living Color, and his targeted take on the world has kept him going. A never-ending cast of characters and supply of energy make him worth catching. He'll be here this Thursday through Sunday.

Animal House with a Toga Party at the Texas Theatre Miss college days? Never went to college? Well, let the frat party commence! Grab your mom's favorite white sheet, tie it around your beer-swollen belly and hit Texas Theatre this Friday for the mother of all college flicks, Animal House. This 35-mm hit from the late '70s stars the legendary John Belushi as John Blutarsky, a drunken misfit in his seventh year of college and member of the college's most badass frat. The dean shoulda known better. Come prepared to sip some suds while snuggled in 300-thread-count. Get your tickets online or call the theater.

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