The Five Best Comedy Shows in Dallas This Weekend, November 15-18

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Jim Norton at the Addison Improv Heard every weekday morning on the Opie & Anthony radio show and seen everywhere from bookshelves to Louie, Jim Norton is an angry force to be reckoned with. Ads for his shows warn ticket buyers -- this show is not for the easily offended. Luckily for us, I think we can handle it. Norton will be at the Addison Improv this Thursday through Saturday. Tickets are available online.

Kevin Hart at American Airlines Center Actor and comedian Kevin Hart has extended his tour "Let Me Explain" to Dallas for one night only. This Friday, come see the star of the movie Think Like A Man. Maybe he'll tell you exactly why he could never be a rapper (hint: his voice isn't deep enough, and he doesn't do well with "thug stuff" -- both poor qualities in a rap superstar). Tickets are available online.

Roadside Couch at the Dallas Comedy House A couch straight from a college apartment takes up the stage, a small side table and lamp beside it. A handful of improv comedians lounge about, talking about whatever comes to mind--based on an audience member's suggested word, of course--until they break into a frenzy of improv scenes. At the Dallas Comedy House, you never know which way the conversation's gonna go, and that's the beauty of it. Show starts at 9 p.m., and tickets are just $10.

Michael Colyar at the Arlington Improv When Michael Colyar ran away from home as a kid, he headed west toward California--a superstar from the beginning. Nevermind that he never got farther than Chicago's west side. A lover of jokes and people young and old, there's a reason Michael Colyar still packs the house. With an opinion on almost everything and a joke for every topic, Colyar a must see this weekend. Tickets are available online.

Celebrity Mystery Theater at The Spaghetti Warehouse in the West End This Saturday, come out to The Spaghetti Warehouse for more than just pasta and breadsticks. An all-star cast of celebrity impersonators will be there, solving what's called the "funniest, most unique murder mystery ever." Who will the killer be? Marilyn Monroe? Fran Drescher? You? You never know who might walk through the door. Tickets are available online, and reservations are required.

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