The Five Best Movie Trailers of the Year So Far

Between The Hulk screaming at our faces in 3-D and Batman possibly breaking his spine in IMAX, it's going to be a fairly epic year in blockbuster cinema. Yet, if you're scheduling your year of movie patronage based solely on the trailers (and not the incessant Rotten Tomatoes picking), then the following films are good bets. Note: There's no Three Stooges trailer below because, you know?

The below trailer is NSFW.

Oh, just David Cronenberg doing his David Cronenbergy-'80s mind-is-the-body connection thing. Wait, hang on, it's based on a Don DeLillo novel about a millionaire's romp through New York. Awesome. Hopefully this will scare the living shit out of Twilight fans.

The scope of Ridley Scott's new film is reportedly no less than the race to save humankind. Also, it's Michael Fassbender as an android.

The Raid: Redemption
Mark it: this is going to be the most thunderous action film of the year.

Brave (The Japanese Trailer)
Pixar's new Legend of Zelda-y film got a fancy international trailer loaded up with beautiful mysticism. Watch. Then watch the clip from the movie, and try not to let your heart grow three inches and break the scale.

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