The Fort Worth Opera Wants You To Join Them On Stage, Just Keep Your Mouth Shut.

It's the decadence and grandeur of the opera that makes you want to leap on stage and really belt one out. The problem with this otherwise pitch-perfect plan is that few humans have the vocal prowess to tackle Verdi, Mozart and Puccini. Odds are, you don't either and that's okay -- all you need to join the cast of the Fort Worth Opera on stage is, well, you.

They have issued a call for supernumeraries, which already sounds much more dashing than "extras." If chosen, you would get to have your face powdered and wear dazzling costumes while maintaining your darkest secret: that your singing voice is part Simpson's character, part cat in heat. The best place to hide is in plain sight.

That's correct, you will lip-synch better than Madonna at the Super Bowl and look expressive and dapper in your part as a Swiss Guard in Tosca, or as a uniformed servant in The Marriage of Figaro. These might not be the most glamorous roles of the performance, but they still plunk you on stage next to the people with the golden pipes. If you're really lucky, maybe you'll get a couple of rouge roses thrown your way during the curtain call (just slip them into your servant uniform; the real talent doesn't have to know.) Interested in auditioning for this season's operas? Fill out the form here.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.