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The Four Corners Film Race: Make a Film in a Week, Win a Keg

We love a good movie making contest, as evidenced by the Observer's critically *acclaimed, *award-winning entry in the 24 Hour Video Race (shown above).

Well there's a new challenge on the table, divined through the intoxicated holy union of the Oak Cliff Film Festival and Four Corners Brewery. It's called the Four Corners Film Race and details have been left intentionally vague.

Here's what we know
1.) You get one week to make a movie.

2.) Film requirements are revealed on Sunday, October 27, at the competition's kick off, 4 p.m. at Texas Theatre.

3.) Second place is a free keg of Four Corners Beer. First place is naming rights to a new edition of Four Corners Beer. If you're a great filmmaker but a better drinker, aim slightly below your potential. You can't drink a name.

4.) Completed films get dropped off at Four Corners from 4 to 6 p.m. on Sunday, November 3.

5.) You'll see your masterwork (read: humble juvenalia) screen big at Texas Theatre on Sunday, November 10 at 4 p.m.

6.) Team entry is just $50.

First place gets naming rights to a new beer by Four Corners. Second place gets a keg of Four Corners. Third place gets two VIP badges to the Oak Cliff Film Fest.

If you've got the stuff, sign up here.

** Acclaim and awards still pending

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