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The Goss-Michael Foundation Strikes it Hot with Mother of Pearl Collection Matches

Imagine visiting an art gallery and falling in love with a painting on display as a part of an exhibition. Now imagine being so inspired by that painting that you design a clothing line based on it. Seems like a badass, if fairly niche, idea, right?

Mother of Pearl, the British fashion house, has teamed up with the foundation to present the public with MoP SHop's latest exhibition Matches. The exhibition is set to premiere Thursday beginning at 10 a.m. Admission is free.

This is the first and only showing of the Mother of Pearl spring/summer 2011-2012 collection in the United States.

Each season, the fashion house chooses an artist to collaborate with, fusing the world of art and fashion into one. The company strives to deliver garments containing vibrant, modern and lucid art.

Jim Lambie, renowned British artist known for taking his musical inspirations and combining that with everyday objects, is this year's chosen artist to be a part of the collection.

Lambie's work, including iconic piece, "Zobop," is currently on display at the Goss-Michael Foundation. And it makes a knock-out first impression. "Zobop" takes up the entire front house of the gallery's floor with its hypnotic patterns of colored electrical tape.

Lambie's artistic eye matches up perfectly with Mother of Pearl because they both enjoy retro stylings. Pieces that will be on display at the exhibition range from jumpsuits to silk blouses.

Lambie's "Careless Whisper," an oil painting featuring a collage of vibrant floral prints dominating the foreground of a black and white poster which showcases the eyes of the Michael half of Goss-Michael, is one of the many works that inspired the collection. It specifically inspired "Luna Tee" created by Maia Norman, the creative director for Mother of Pearl, who will be in attendance for the exhibition grand-opening. Norman is known for choosing artist's existing works and transporting the pieces over to clothing.

Prior to the public opening Thursday, Norman will be honored at a private invitation-only reception Wednesday for her ground-breaking style, where she will speak about the various pieces presented in Matches.

The Goss-Michael Foundation, established in 2007, provides a place for rotating exhibitions of British artists to show and display their work. George Michael, a recording artist, and Kenny Goss, his partner, came up with the idea of infusing international art into a predominately local-based art scene. The foundation exists "to educate, engage and inspire" the public. For more information and to schedule a private showing call 214-696-0555.

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Christina Mlynski

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