The Granada Theater Wants to Cheese Up Your Summer with Mockbusters Series

If you enjoy ironic consumption, Granada Theater and Dallas Comedy House have joined forces for the Summer Mockbuster Series. Starting with Batman and Robin on Saturday June 6, this exercise in bad taste gives you the chance to sit with others, imbibe, and talk shit about awful movies. Or rather, viewers are encouraged to tweet catty comments as a polite alternative to shouting. Local comics will be in attendance, with Grant Redmond tweeting. The tweets will be displayed on screens beside the film projected above the stage.

Batman and Robin is so atrocious that it killed off the whole franchise. It took a total reboot to resurrect it, and that was several years later. Redmond describes the film as the perfect choice for the bad summer blockbuster theme. “It had a bloated budget and it’s so over the top,” Redmond laughs. “All those bad puns and the half-ass writing. And Arnold Schwarzenegger doing Mr. Freeze.” The event is a gathering for people who enjoy unintentional humor.

The cover is $3, there are $3 beers and $3 drink specials. On July 17, the series will return with Twister, the dreadful film that spawned the ridiculous disaster movie trend.

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