The Jack of All Trades

David Bates could've retired young, in the 1960s, living off residuals after his family's roadside establishment was featured in Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho. David Bates could've retired in the 1970s, living off royalties from his successful stint as the lead singer for the rock band Bread, which later became David Bates and Bread. Foolin' witcha. David Gates fronted Bread, and the Bates Motel was a writer's figment. David Bates is Dallas' own really famous artist, represented by Dunn-Brown Contemporary. Bates becomes an official legend September 18 at the Dallas Center for Contemporary Art's annual Legend Awards soiree. As part of this honor, a month-long retrospective of his paintings and wall reliefs debuts August 15, with a free and festive opening reception from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. at The Contemporary, 2801 Swiss Ave. You'll get a true sense of Bates, and his insatiable curiosity, through this work. When he paints, he paints big, textured, robust images of quirky people and landscapes, many from Texas venues. His fine-art education, at Southern Methodist University and New York's Whitney Museum, informs his work. "I find this guy with a plastic bag full of minnows," Bates says of "Bait Shop" in his Gulf Coast series, "and I think of Matisse's goldfish." You might see Manet, Goya and Gauguin, too; but, mostly, you'll see the real David Bates. Call 214-821-2522 for info on both events. --Annabelle Massey Helber

Tasty Tour
Restaurant week serves a gluttonous good cause

How does Nick & Sam's stack up against other steak houses? Is Avanti Ristoranti a Euro bistro or Euro trash? What's all the fuss over Ciudad? Find out for yourself during Restaurant Week benefiting the North Texas Food Bank. You probably won't be able to hit all 93 fine-dining establishments in seven days, but you might seriously consider skipping lunch one day so you can squeeze in an early dinner followed by a late supper. Each restaurant will feature a $30 fixed-price three-course meal, $6 of which is donated to charity. You can't order off the menu, but you should be able to decide from the sampling whether to come back. It starts Monday and runs through August 24. For a complete list of participating restaurants, visit Reservations are required. --Jay Webb

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