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The Johnny Cupcakes Suitcase Tour Returns To Dallas. Better Cap Your Sweet Tooth.

His trademark emblem -- a cupcake skull above a set of crossbones -- began as a side business for Johnny Earle. After excusing himself from college, Earle ventured into band merch design. But when he showed up wearing that pastry-laced shirt, everyone wanted it.

Now known internationally as Johnny Cupcakes, Earle has retail "bakeries" in Los Angeles, Massachusetts and London and his line is carried in boutiques all over the globe. But Earle insists on remaining face-forward with his brand, so he'll occasionally drive across country and set up one-night shops in select cities. He calls them suitcase tours, and Dallas has been map-pinned for an October 21 visit.

He last brought his confection collection through in 2010, in a collaboration with local purveyors of good design, We Are 1976. Fans drove in from all over the damn place, with many lining up hours prior like they were waiting in the general admission line for their favorite band. There's video footage (below) of some in the queue who, rather than leaving their spot for shade, opted to cram themselves inside of cardboard boxes for protection. Take that, wrathful sun gods. Good news, guys: This tour, which is also a partnership with the Henderson branch of We Are 1976, is in autumn, so you can expect a little relief.

It's a Halloween-themed visit, called the Johnny Cupcakes Cupcakes From The Crypt, Suitcase Coffin Tour, 2012. Die hards can browse the new collections and limited editions, get autographs and kick it with other pastry enthusiasts at 7 p.m. on Sunday, October 21.

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