The Klyde Warren Park Opens: Ten Events We're Looking Forward to This Weekend

The science project of a park above Woodall Rodgers Freeway is finally finished, and what better way to open a park on top of a freeway than with a traffic-jam of a celebration? The grand opening ceremonies of Klyde Warren Park take place Saturday and Sunday. Here are the ten things we're most looking forward to. Visit klydewarrenpark.org for more details and other events.

What the Hell is Petanque? Do you like drinking? Do you like games? Do you like participating in both simultaneously without fear of perspiration? Then learn to play Petanque with the Dallas Pentaque Club on Saturday and Sunday from 2-4. The game is described as the French version of Bocce ball, and requires only one hand and minimal sweat. Sounds like something a Shiner would accompany perfectly.

Art: Live Local artist J.D. Miller will live-paint a new piece Saturday at 2. The heavy-handed artist is known for his use of thickly layered colors that vibrantly, and literally, come off of the canvas. Check out jdmillerart.com for samples of his work.

Chess-Playing Robots That's right: Robots with chess strategies strapped to their mainframes. The super geeks at UTD have built robots to combat in the high-minded martial art of chess. Show up Saturday at 12:30 to witness beautiful acts of robotic combativeness.

Child's Play If you're tired of your child using the walls of your home as her personal canvas, then check out The DMA's Studio creations from 1 -3 on Saturday. They will have enough art supplies to ensure that your kid takes out her creative angst on something other than your living room armoire.

Violins The SMU Meadows School of Music will put on a light concert Saturday from 2:15-3. The prestigious program will feature some of its most talented students on an array of different instruments. Violins over the freeway? In.

More Violins From 11-12 on Saturday, the Dallas Symphony Orchestra will perform the inaugural concert at the new park.

On Point The Texas Ballet Theater will lace up their slippers for a short performance on Sunday at 2:15.

What About Bob? If classical music isn't your cup of Earl Grey, get your blues and American Folk fix with A Taste of Cherokee Creek Music Festival. Performances by Bob Schneider and Jimmy LaFave will take place Sunday from 4:30-6:30.

Ommmmmmm ... my God there's a freeway down there! Tired of moving and seeing stuff? Join the Dallas Yoga Center from 3-4 on Saturday to release any tension in your body, and to cleanse your busy brain. This is the last activity on Saturday before the big show at 7.

The Main Event The crown jewel of Klyde Park's opening weekend celebration will be the concert Saturday night at 7. Performing will be: Polyphonic Spree, Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue, and DJ Lucy Wrubel. If the set list doesn't excite you, how about the free fireworks show? Music and controlled explosions over one of Dallas' most central highways? What could possibly go wrong?

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.