The Last Waltz

During the last presidential debate in 2004, my shoe somehow flew across the room and missed the television screen at which it was aimed, hitting (and breaking) the antenna. It took me a year and a half to get around to getting a new one. The lesson that I learned was, don't throw shoes in anger (I watched the State of the Union barefoot this year). Just kidding; what I really took from this was don't watch the debates on antenna-driven TV. The Studio Movie Grill, in partnership with the World Affairs Council, is providing alternatives. On October 15, the night of the final debate, you can come and watch the debate on the big screen. The opponents will serve facts (sometimes), figures (occasionally) and political posturing like tennis players at Wimbledon. This is the big game in politics, and whoever does best will most likely be president, leader of the free world, defender of the faith (whoops...that's Great Britain). So get out your foam fingers and come on down to sit with others who enjoy a good show at The Studio Movie Grill for free, with a discussion panel afterward. It's located at 11170 N. Central Expressway, and the debates start at 8 p.m., following a reception at 7 p.m.. Visit
Wed., Oct. 15, 7 p.m., 2008

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