The Master List: The Best Things To Do in Dallas This Weekend, August 19-21

Honestly, you don't need to spend another Friday night hopping from bar to bar on Henderson. There are plenty of other people holding down those rubberneckin' forts for you, and they're better dancers, too. (Burrrn!)

It's time to do something social AND educational, for once. You'll find such a combo at the Crow Collection of Asian Art in the downtown arts district. Friday's edition of the museum's "After Dark" series touts some special guest stars: Visiting Tibetan Buddhist monks will set up shop and begin work on a traditional mandala sand painting. At an opening ceremony at 7 p.m., the monks will bless the space and begin a week-long process of laying down colored sand on a platform to create intricate patterns and designs.

Seating is limited for the ceremony; reserve your $30 spot (or $15 for museum members) by calling 214-979-6438. Or, skip that part and simply enjoy the Crow Collection for free while learning about traditions of Tibet and partaking in crafty activities. The monks won't mind either way. They'll be here all week (badum-ch). For more info, visit crowcollection.com.

Homemade Fusion Friday, August 19, at the Addison Theatre Centre Following Friday's performance of Little Shop of Horrors, there's a bonus treat for those who just can't get enough musical theater. For the second week in a row, actors from the WaterTower and Baylor University will team up to present a cabaret-style performance of Homemade Fusion, a snarky show by rising theater writers Christopher Dimond and Michael Kooman. The performance is free, which is good because you'll need the extra cash for adult beverages. Booze and spirited Broadway belting: It's a marriage. 10:30 p.m. in the Theatre Centre's upper lobby performance space. More info at watertowertheatre.org.

Fright Night Friday, August 19 through Sunday, August 21, at the Texas Theatre Before you head out to the multiplex to watch Colin Farrell whip out his vamper fangs in the new remake of Fright Night, see the endlessly fun and freaky 1985 flick that inspired it. And don't just rent it on iTunes, lame-o; go to Oak Cliff's historic Texas Theatre and take it in on the big screen. More info at thetexastheatre.com. Various screening times on Friday, Saturday and Sunday as part of a double feature with the OG Conan the Barbarian.

Yaa Halla, Y'All Belly Dancing Festival Friday, August 19 through Sunday, August 21, at the Grapevine Convention Center Whether you are a lifelong belly dancing enthusiast or new to the art form, you're sure to find something exciting at this weekend-long festival. We're talking workshops for all levels, special performances by supahstahs of the dance, and even a few competitions. Or, if you're more interested in the music behind the dance, try out a drum seminar. There's a variety of admission options - from single performance tickets to an all-inclusive $395 weekend pass - at isisandthestardancers.com.

Exit Through the Gift Shop Saturday, August 20, in the Annette Strauss Artist Square Street art enthusiasts were probably a bit disappointed when this documentary by the mysterious Banksy didn't win the 2011 Academy Award for which it was nominated. Partially, because it ruled out any possibility of Banksy somehow appearing or making his mark on the broadcast (even though it'd been determined that he wouldn't attend, regardless). Mostly, though, it was sad that such a uniquely told and vibrant story didn't receive the ultimate prize, despite being a boffo-socko critical hit around the world. Exit Through the Gift Shop still raised the masses' awareness of a rich, complex art form that was once solely thought of as vandalism. Appropriately, it'll be screened outdoors in the downtown area this Saturday as part of the Sunset Screenings series, co-sponsored by this here Mixmaster and the Dallas Film Society. 8:30 p.m. at the Annette Strauss Square. Admission is free, but seats can be reserved by calling 214-764-9106. Visit attpac.org.

Gaybingo Saturday, Aug. 20, at the Rose Room What's more fun and pun-filled than a gay bingo night? A gay bingo night with players dressed up like their favorite starlets of the silver screen. That's just what you'll get (dahling) at the latest edition of the decade-old local gayborhood tradition. Attendees are encouraged to come in get-ups inspired by their favorite Turner Classic Movie-assisted memories. Reserve your $25 ticket, B4 it's too late. GET IT? GET IT? 6 p.m. at the Rose Room inside S4. More info at rcdallas.org.

Sunday Night Live! With Justin Foster Sunday, Aug. 21, at the Addison Improv The charming 'n' witty Dallas comic Justin Foster is doing his fellow local joke-spitters a solid, by packing several of their sets (plus his own) into an early bill. Sunday Night Live! will feature Foster and friends Michael O'Donnell, Carey Denise, Alexander Ravandi, Chris Mack and Tonee Bell. We asked Foster via e-mail about some of the Dallas-centric topics in his set. "Dallas is such a party town," he wrote. "I spend a lot of time in bars around town so I definitely have some great stories. My favorite is the time a lady brought her 12-year-old into a bar at, like, 1 a.m. When I asked her about it, she said, 'Well, somebody has to blow into the breathalyzer to start mommy's car.'" 7:30 p.m. at the Addison Improv. Admission is $12, but Foster has free tickets to give away to a lucky reader. First person to email with "I hope I'm Justin time for tickets!" wins. Visit improv.com or justincomic.com.

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