The Master List: The Best Things To Do in Dallas This Weekend, August 5-7

Remember those Sundays you spent as a kid thumbing through the Sunday paper, looking at the latest Calvin and Hobbes? Comic strips aren't filling up the pages of the paper like they used to, but they're still out there on this newfangled thing we call the internet and popular with a growing community of online readers.

STRIP: The Dallas Webcomics Expo is a chance to meet the makers of online comics and graphic novels, experiment with a little cosplay and pick up some Crow and Superman memorabilia. The expo features Mad Magazine contributors Kit Lively and David DeGrand, Baldo Comics' Hector Cantu and James O'Barr, creator of The Crow. There's also a charity art auction that benefits our neighbors, The Scottish Rite Hospital For Children.

Don your favorite superhero costume and head to Southfork Hotel at 10 a.m. Saturday for STRIP. Tickets are $4 online, $5 at the door and free for kids, 7 and under. Don't hold us responsible if the 3-year-old starts screaming when he sees someone in a Halloween Man costume. Visit stripcon.net for tickets and more information.

Dana Gould Friday, August 5, through Sunday, August 7, at Addison Improv You might not recognize the name, but we're sure the Seinfeld fans will recognize the face. Dana Gould played Fragile Frankie Merman in the Seinfeld episode titled "The Junk Mail." Still doesn't ring a bell? He was "Summer George," Jerry's childhood friend from summer camp, known for darting into the forest whenever he felt distressed. Gould's performing multiple shows during his three-night stint at the Addison Improv. Tickets are $17 to $20, depending on performance time. Visit improv.com for showtimes and tickets.

Ronie Kendig discusses and signs Wolfsbane Saturday, August 6, at Barnes & Noble Plano Author Ronie Kendig is in town to discuss and sign the third installment of her Discarded Heroes book series. Wolfsbane is suspenseful, romantic and also the name of an English hair band from the 1980s. But Kendig's novel doesn't feature any heavy-metal guitarists, but there is Canyon Metcalfe, a former Green Beret, who is trying to rescue demolitions expert Dani Roark from Venezuela. The book signing and discussion starts at 2 p.m. Saturday at Barnes & Noble Plano. Admission is free, books are not. Visit barnesandnoble.com.

14th Annual Mars Society Convention Continuing through Sunday, August 7, at the Embassy Suites Outdoor World Engineers, scientists and researchers have all converged at the Embassy Suites to tackle what many space authorities argue will be our next big intergalactic conquest: Mars. Leading Mars experts including Dr. Bruce Banerdt (a planetary physicist at JPL) and William Borucki (the principal investigator for the Kepler mission at NASA) will offer their thoughts on and strategies for a potential mission to Mars. Space geeks won't want to miss the 14th Annual Mars Society Convention, so purchase a day pass for $60 ($30 for students) and check out some of the speakers. For more information, visit marssociety.org.

Hotter Than Hell Burlseque Saturday, August 6, at The Kessler Theater If you haven't read Jayme Rutledge's story about 67-year-old burlesque performer Satan's Angel, go do that right now. We'll wait here for you. OK, now that you're back, let's discuss some of the other performers who will appear that don't shoot flames from their tits. Boylesque (yes, there are male burlesque performers) Jett Adore, Ginger Valentine and Athena Fatale are among the performers teasing and dancing at tomorrow night's Hotter Than Hell Burlesque show. La Divina Productions is putting on the sexy show, and La Divina herself will also grace the stage. The Kessler will start serving food at 6, doors open at 8 and the show starts at 9 p.m. tomorrow. Tickets are available on prekindle.com for $22 (VIP admission is sold out). Visit ladivinaburlesque.com for more information.

Summer Bath Run 15K and 5K Sunday, August 7, at The Bath House Cultural Center We've decided not to use the h-word around these parts, unless we're talking about burlesque. We know it's h** as the ninth circle of hell outside, but that doesn't stop some people from running, no sir. Why should it? All those endorphins that are stirred up when you run make you forget how h** it is. Put your on sneakers this weekend for the Summer Bath Run at the Bath House. Registration is $22 to $35, and you can sign up the day of the race. The runners take off at 7:30 a.m. Sunday. Visit whiterockracing.com.

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