The Mixmaster is Looking for Freelance Writers

The Mixmaster is Looking for Freelance Writers

It's been a minute since we here at the Observer put out a notice for local freelance writers for this little arts and culture blog, The Mixmaster. But here we are, looking you straight in the eye with the simple question, are you the one we want?

It's a question only you can answer, but here a few more specifics on what we're looking for:

A Resident Art Nerd We're looking for someone to contribute criticism and commentary on visual arts on a freelance basis. You'll need a passion for and background in visual arts and some professional writing experience.

A Know-it- All If Dallas culture is your thing, if you keep track of everything from theater to local film to all the cool events, hit us up. We want to party with you and your writing.

Etc. We need freelancers to contribute 1-3 posts per week covering specific genres they're specifically interested in and for which they can demonstrate some passion. Specifically, we're looking for people to write about: visual arts, comedy, dance, TV, film, etc.

Will you be my new girl Friday? Send an email identifying yourself with attached writing samples to

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