The Mixmaster's Horror Movie Countdown, October 1: Halloween

Halloween (1978) Most lists about the best All Hallow's Eve-themed movies, or just the greatest Horror flicks of all time in general, finish it off with John Carpenter's 1978 masterpiece of macabre but we're starting this killer list out in style and taking a stab at giving you 31 days of Horror, beginning with one of the best; Halloween (cue theme music).

Halloween is one of those films that I can never recall the first I saw it yet can always remember the last time I watched it...it's just that good that it haunts me every time. As the true groundbreaker and milestone-maker of the slasher subgenre from the late '70s/'80s, Halloween established "the rules" and a formula for so many Horror films to come, with its influence and inspiration still heavily prevalent today. Everything of the iconic poster to the iconic theme (composed by Carpenter himself) to that iconic white mask worn by its iconic villain, the slow-moving silent stalker Michael Myers. And, of course, the original "final girl" Laurie Strode (a pitch-perfect performance by scream queen of all queens Jamie Lee Curtis). Halloween is and will forever be eternally, well, iconic.

Most memorable scene? It's after the jump.

The most memorable scene: How can you pick just one? Michael Myers breaking through the closet door! Michael Myers appearing and vanishing in a "now you see him, now you don't" flash in broad daylight! Michael Myers slowly sitting up and turning to look at his sister Laurie! Michael Myers jumping on top of Dr. Loomis' car while Nurse Chambers sits inside! The first time the theme is heard over the opening credits! The opening Steadicam sequence done in one shot! The closing sequence featuring shots of Haddonfield with Michael's breathing heard over it! They. Are. All. So. Good! A testament to why this film is a pinnacle of Horror films and filmmaking.

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