The Mixmaster's Horror Movie Countdown, October 2: Antichrist

Yesterday, James Wallace kicked off Mixmaster's horror movie countdown with the stupendous slasher-flick Halloween. James mentioned that Halloween's impact has made it so he can't remember the exact first time he'd seen the film, but he can always remember the recent viewng.

Everyone remembers Antichrist. Whether it's the first viewing or the last (which is usually after the first), you'll work hard to unsee Lars Von Trier's first horror film. It's friggin the definition of controversial. It's pure dread. If Shakespeare and Clive Barker had a film-baby, then it would be Antichrist.

First, Antichrist opens with sex. Then, a baby jumps out of a window (This is when my friends, and you know, me, stopped eating the theater nachos and Diet Cokes). Then, there's uncomfortable sex. Then, a fox speaks to Willem Dafoe (yay!). Then, Charlotte Gainsbourg clubs Willem Dafoe's erection with a large stone. Anywho, the film is shocking and and scary as hell. Lars Von Trier nearly fogs the film with a primordial, Biblical terror--the kind that's unforgettable. It cuts deeper than any horror film you've ever seen.

The most memorable scene after the jump.

Most Memorable Scene:

So, what's happening here? Dafoe and Charlotte Gainsbourg have retreated to a cabin in the middle of nowhere after their son jumps out of a window while they're having sex in a another room. Dafoe wanders into the woods on his own, and one of the strangest, most elementally terrifying scenes in horror movie history ensues. The sense of despair and dream-like anxiety, combined with slow-motion and and piercing soundtrack, makes this scene the most memorable in the film. Also, the talking fox.

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