The Mixmaster's Horror Movie Countdown, October 25: Amityville Horror (1979)

A note to all homebuilders: Please pay better attention to the likes of your grounds. You see, over the years, too many homes have been built on or near pet cemeteries, directly on top of Native American burial grounds, or caves that lead to the Hell.

Land is land, I guess. Anyway, a passage Hell is what the Amityville house is built on. Apparently, evil can come right out of the ground in Long Island! The story of Amityville Horror the film, which stars James Brolin and Margot Kidder, is based on a true story. So, that's already pretty effing scary. Add to it vomiting nuns, lots of hell flies, screaming and insane James Brolin, a house with bright orange eyes--and you have one of the great haunted house horror films ever.

Which is all this film really is: a roller-coaster of hellish horror gags strung together. It's great group horror film watching. Oh, also, ignore the remake. It's terrible.

Most Memorable Scene:

It's like a childhood nightmare, envisioned on the big screen: Margot Kidder sees a couple dark circular eyes floating in the darkness outside her kid's window. It's not the scariest scene in the universe, but it's the perfect horror movie answer to the creepy thought many of us have (I'm sure?) had in the middle of the night--"did you see that?"

Note: unfortunately this scene isn't exactly on YouTube, but, hey, you can see it in the trailer.

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