The Mixmaster's Horror Movie Countdown, October 3: Student Bodies

Underrated. Underrated. Underrated.

In 1981 Student Bodies took the horror movie genre to task for punishing happy, healthy, sex- and fun-having kids. The movie rips off the opening sequences, music and "the call is coming from..." ploys for one of the best and most disgusting horror parodies around.

Filmed in the Houston, Texas area, Student Bodies follows do-gooder Toby (and her loyal boyfriend) through her crusade to catch a murderer while spreading the message of abstinence. Kids are doing it and getting done-in behind the bleachers, on parade floats, while babysitting, the list goes on.

The comic elements are plentiful, and so are the gross-out sight gags (as a kid I thought the phone was just drooling, I'll admit).

And now before we head into video, I'd just like to take this opportunity to say that the cover pictured above was different when I was 13 and I cannot believe that my dad let me rent this on as many occasions as he did. I'm pretty sure he had no idea what it was about -- or, at least, he figured I didn't. Thanks, Dad!

Most Memorable Scene: It may not be the creepiest (or is it?), but for the 6% of people in the world who have seen and love this movie, it's certainly responsible for one of the two favorite Student Bodies catch phrases: horse head bookends. (The other is "I thought it sounded like you were talking through a rubber chicken.") Never have you seen a shop teacher so passionate about the jigsawing of horse heads and so clearly wearing and/or in possession of (in the full scene) so many things that make him look like the killer.

My personal favorite scene is the opening 15 minutes which includes the first two murders by way of an unexpected weapon, a meowing dog, and a really illogical reaction to finding a bite of fried chicken on the kitchen floor. I found a YouTube that has all of that but the last portion and so therefore I refuse to embed it because, let's be honest, that's the very best part of my favorite part.

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