The MOBC Is Now In Session Over!

For our first Bossypants assignment, we were to have read the first "half" of the book (remember, we admitted we had issues with math, and adding in the intro and all that gets so confusing). Simply put, the plan was to read right on up to "A Childhood Dream, Realized."

So, did ya? You like it? You laugh? What gives?

Oh, right. You might be new around here. That's cool. It's totally understandable.

Just head on down there to the comments below and if you wanna FIRST that's fine, but if you want to pose a question or make a statement on the book, well even better. All of us book-reading yahoos will actually discuss the book right here with you.

So go on. Get to typing. We'll comment in as close to real time as is Disqus-ly possible.

And unless we get some sort of protest as we proceed, lets go ahead and finish this -- Tina Fey's first book -- for the next meeting on October 14.

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