The Most Extravagant Spa Treatments in Dallas ... For Your Dog

Feeling tense? Need to take a load off? Looking to treat yo'self? These are all questions you should be asking your dog. In this stressful, fetch-fetch-fetch world, isn't it time you give that special four-pawed someone a day of being pampered? Sure, you cook her food to keep her coat shiny, and it's true that you've recently started brushing her teeth to get all that cat poop off those pearly whites. But doesn't Rover deserve even more? Here are the three most extravagant treatments to help your furry sleepyhead RELAAAAX.
Paradise 4 Paws
3010 N. Airfield Drive
This doggy spa and daycare is located just a few paw prints away from the D/FW International Airport. So before boarding your flight to Paris, get your ears fluffed and your nails trimmed. If you have a little bit of extra time to invest in your fur coat, try the mud bath or the hot oil treatment for just $12 more. Want to splurge before you see your canine crush? They also offer pawdicure, complete with color pawlish. Although, bark on the street is that color polish is so 2015.

Lucca Bella
2512 Oak Lawn Ave.
Sure, the mud bath is great, but your friend Lulu down the block takes one of those every time it rains. IN. HER. FRONT. YARD. Can you believe it? I know, some dogs have no class. Fifi was just telling me about this place, Lucca Bella where for $18 dogs can get a blueberry facial, and if you're looking to draw attention away from your leash when you're strutting the neighborhood with that human who won't get off your bed, try a new hair color, or a glitter patch or even a stencil. It's a tattoo without the commitment.

  CityDog! Club
3870 Ponte Ave., Suite 130, Addison
If your human joins a country club or a health club or a wine club, just pad right up to them and demand a club of your own. Citydog Club isn't just the city's only indoor dog park, it's also home to a style bar where you can keep your fur-do fresh. Plus they use a patented HydroSurge massage with InjectAir technology that blows oxygen onto the doggy skin. It's a cool breeze for a cool dog.

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Lauren Smart
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