The Most Interesting Music Series in Dallas Returns this Weekend

CentralTrak’s CentralSounds series is bringing something special to Dallas on Saturday with an event curated by Ex Mus. Jeremiah Cymerman is an experimental composer, clarinetist, producer and sound engineer from Manhattan with his own record label, 5049. He also had a very interesting podcast about life and music that lasted 86 episodes. His music is ferocious yet alluring.

But his sound is ultimately bleak and brooding. With song titles like “I Woke Up Early the Day That I Died” and “Charnal Burning,” he clearly has a fascination with death and burial rituals. Cymerman is interested in both improvisation and using a recording studio as an instrument. He has released music built from improvised live performances that were later manipulated and augmented in studio.

Cymerman’s sound is as temperamental as a clarinet. Many think of conventional, formal music when it comes to the woodwind instrument. But Cymerman pushes it to some surprising places. Using the imperfections, recording techniques, and an amplifier to create a unique sonic environment, he makes a clarinet as intense as a trumpet. He has also received John Zorn’s approval. The avant-garde composer and saxophonist released Cymerman’s Fire Sign album on his Tzadik label.

Local artist will round out the rest of the bill. Violinist and violist Joshua Westerman will perform. He plays the strings beautifully, typically after looping together an ambience. Local trumpet player and performance artist Ryan Fellhauer will also perform. Filmmaker Mike Morris will also contribute visual compositions.

CentralSound series takes place at 8 P.M., Saturday, June 20, at CentralTrak, 800 Exposition Ave., admission is free.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.