The New Alamo Drafthouse Will Screen The Burbs for Free Tonight. Wear Your Pajamas and Win Prizes.

The building's construction continues for a few more months, but our new Alamo Drafthouse can't wait that long to meet you. It wants to party NOW. What's an unfinished theater to do? For the Alamo Richardson, the answer is simple: Take that bash outdoors.

Tonight, November 16, our much anticipated Alamo Drafthouse projects the 1989 Tom Hanks classic The Burbs onto a 40 foot outdoor screen. Not only that, but they're showing it in 35mm. Still not enticing enough to lure you out of your snack cave? How about this: Alamo is also throwing a Burbs themed party. Wear your comfiest, warmest pajamas and slippers for a shot at prizes in the costume contest! Celebrate Dallas Beer Week at the outdoor bar, where Lee Harvey's will serve up the city's finest craft pours (reps from each brewery will be on hand too, so you can chat 'em up about their delicious 9 to 5s.)

To make themselves even more neighborly, the Alamo screens the movie for free. All you need is a chair or blanket, and maybe a hand to hold for when the Klopeks get extra creepy. Pop on over and bring a welcome basket, or just a handshake. That works too.

The party starts at 5 p.m. and the film begins at 7 p.m. Check it out here.

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