The Next Mixmaster Online Book Club Selection: Chuck Palahniuk's Damned

After seeing just how much you people love the Palahniuk based on the popularity of our Q&A and his packed house at the DMA, we thought we might engage you with a little interaction book club-style.

So it's gonna be his latest. It's Halloween weekend so why not, right? Plus, we hear it's a fast read. But -- let's be honest -- we don't exactly want to give up our ghoulish delight so quickly come Monday.

Let's split the book in half, shall we? Nineteen chapters by November 18. The other 19 by December 2. Then we'll all go blow off some steam at Artopia December 3. Perhaps we'll invite Chuck back to partake in the festivities.

Yes, that sounds perfect.

We suspect you know what to do, but if not, go buy, borrow or download Damned and get to reading. Kick it off, between trick-or-treaters, or when you're not watching all the horror movies we've been raving about. Something tells me this book will be a different, but just as satisfying, sort of spooky.

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