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The Oak Cliff Film Festival Released Its First Six Films, and This Might Be the Best Lineup Yet

The Oak Cliff Film Festival turns five this year and they just announced the first six features they'll be screening. They're all killer. The festival's theme this year is the “New Hollywood Era."

“This year’s artist’s inspiration uses the New American era of '70s maverick Hollywood as a jumping off point," Oak Cliff Film Festival creative director and co-founder Jason Reimer says in the press release. "The desire to break new ground is palpable today among many in the independent arena. Filmmakers are re-examining how a story can be told and manipulated, distorting reality more than ever.”

The six films announced are: The Alchemist Cookbook, which premiered at SXSW; Taika Waititi’s Hunt for the Wilderpeople, the follow-up to last year's What We Do in the Shadows; Jake Paltrow and Noah Baumbach’s highly anticipated De Palma, a documentary on the career of iconic filmmaker Brian De Palma (Carrie, Blow Out, Scarface, Body Double); De Palma’s wacky punk opera The Phantom of the Paradise, which will be attended by some of its stars; Contemporary Color, a documentary on Talking Heads’ David Byrne; and the fascinating Author: The JT Leroy Story.

All of these titles are on our must-see list, so even without the full lineup, this year's Oak Cliff Film Festival shows all signs of being the best yet. Once we know more, so will you. Stay tuned.

The Oak Cliff Film Festival runs June 16-19, with screenings spread between the Texas Theatre, Bishop Arts Theatre and Kessler Theater. For more information, go here
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